Wooden Dummy Benefits

Do you aspire to learn Wing Chun properly? Do you aspire to become the best you can be? Whether you are a beginner or advanced Wing Chun practitioner, the Wooden Dummy can help advance you to a level not achievable without one.

For those practicing martial arts, including wing chun, ving tsun, wing tsun, kung fu, etc., having a practice dummy greatly accelerates your learning and enhances the effectiveness of your training, as well as providing you with a training partner at any hour of the day.

A Wooden Dummy gives you many key benefits including:

  • Learn proper footwork
  • Practice correct timing
  • Understand the right angles of your limbs and body
  • Gain knowledge of the proper use of power

In Wing Chun, your Wooden Dummy allows you to perfect the sequence of movements devoted to wooden dummy training. This is referred to as the Wooden Dummy Form, or the Muk Yan Jong Form.

Characteristics of a proper wooden dummy include:

  • A wooden dummy is usually mounted on two wooden cross-slats
  • Allows a small amount of springy movement
  • Simulates responses from your actions
  • An immovable or rigid dummy is difficult to use for training

Wood vs PVC:

  • Wood provides a more durable training apparatus
  • The mass of hardwood provides similar responses to that of a real opponent
  • A wood dummy allows you to practice, develop and perfect proper power and force
  • PVC inhibits true training benefits
  • Is a fixed apparatus, requiring the practitioner to move around it, hence developing efficient footwork and positioning

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Why build your own Wing Chun Wooden Dummy?

Save money over a store bought wooden dummy, which typically has:

  • Inferior materials
  • Poor design
  • Incorrect dimensions
  • Extremely high shipping costs

Your Wooden Dummy provides:

  • A source of pride
  • A sense of accomplishment

Build a Pro Wooden Dummy designed specifically for you:

  • To fit your dimensions
  • With the materials you want
  • And the workmanship you deserve

It is easier than you think to get what you want with the proper plans:

  • Pro Wooden Dummy Plans include 37 highly detailed, high resolution drawings – blueprints that show all the measurements of every piece

Have a look at some of our sample pages or download your plans right now.