Wooden Dummy Arms


Dummy On Timber FrameBuild Your Own Ultimate Wing Chun Wooden Dummy!

Now you can easily build your own high quality and perfect specification Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong) with our Professional Wooden Dummy Plans.

Pro Wooden Dummy Plans are the best you’ll find:

  • Drawing quality – our drawing plans are highly detailed, making it easy to build yours
  • Instant download – buy your plans now and begin building immediately
  • Safe and secure online shopping – pay with your credit card or PayPal account, whichever you prefer
  • Dimensionally correct – a wooden dummy must have the right proportions to be an effective training aid
  • Our plans can be used by a professional – don’t want to build your Pro Wooden Dummy, but still want one made for you? Our plans can be taken to a woodworker or engineer for them to build it for you
  • Dual unit measurements – measurements are provided in metric and imperial (millimeters and inches) for your convenience
  • BONUS – valuable tip on how to most easily create the square holes
  • BONUS – timber selection tips and comparison guide. Our Pro Wooden Dummy Plans help you choose the right timber

body-page-dof[802x450]These top quality Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Construction Plans are the best available, and will provide you with accurate construction plans to make it easy to build the highest possible quality wooden dummy that will take your Wing Chun to the next level, last a lifetime, and be a joy to use.

Not a “Do-It-Yourself” type, but Still Want a Professional Quality Wooden Dummy?

These drawings have been designed to allow you to take them to a professional engineer or woodworker. If you don’t know of one, do a local search for wood turner – fabrication engineer – welders – etc.

With these detailed, accurate, high quality drawings with definitive dimensions, nothing is left to interpretation, ensuring a quality product you will be proud to own.

ProWoodenDummyPlans.com was started as a result of searching for a wooden dummy and not being satisfied with what was available on the market.

Buy Pro Wooden Dummy PlansThe typical wooden dummy we found:

  • Cost too much
  • Was too expensive to freight
  • Had inferior materials
  • Was poorly constructed
  • Had improper dimensions
  • Had insufficient support frames

Pound for pound – dollar for dollar – the combination of our Wooden Dummy Plans and you building it gives you the best practice apparatus for your martial arts training, which will last you a lifetime. Do it right the first time and make the small investment in these quality plans to ensure your efforts, and money, provide you with the best Wooden Dummy you can possibly build. Download Pro Wooden Dummy Plans now!