Wing Chun Wooden Dummy FAQWhat are “Pro Wooden Dummy Plans”?

Pro Wooden Dummy Plans is a high quality technical document containing exact measurements and dimensions to enable you (or a professional or friend if you wish) to build a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy to perfect specifications. Pro Wooden Dummy Plans also contains valuable information on wood selection and protecting your dummy.

Why are the free-standing frame designs so heavy?

The frames are heavy by design, with the purpose of minimizing any potential movement so that you can use your Dummy as intended. Part of your dummy’s purpose is to develop power – ¬†you can’t do that when your dummy frame moves around or nearly falls over when applying any real force through it. Of course, you can still select a lighter or smaller section material but still capitilize on the design strengths of the included frame designs.

Why are the frames designed like that?

The number one priority of Pro Wooden Dummy Plans is to assist you in creating a Dummy of the highest quality, and the frame for it is no exception. The frame designs are mechanically engineered to provide strength and stability, while still maintaining a practical method of construction, and are designed to serve you for as long as the Dummy it supports.